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Market Development

believes that successful international business is not only eyes at economy price, but also focuses on design, strategies and branding.

In today¡¯s ever changing business world, business strategies are getting more complicated ¨C that could compromise of corporate, business, market and product strategies. Market expertise is extremely important to develop proper product design, strategies and branding.

offers a variety of services that help clients to evaluate the market, understand cultural and business environmental effects on design, consumer behavior, and sales.

helps our clients to penetrate overseas retail and wholesale market by developing an integrated sales and marketing plan, which comprises of above-the-line and below-the-line sales and marketing activities to create an integrated corporate and product image. We also help our clients to sale and distribute their products through a proper approach.

To enable our customers focusing on their production and main line operation, we will also coordinate other export services for our clients, including overseas certificate application, factory audit, quality control, ISO certificate, etc.

From time to time, also delivers other management consultant services, including TQM, cycle time reduction services for our customers.

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